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meet professional artists in Romania.

Online art gallery - Artmarket Gallery

Artmarket Gallery is an online art gallery, where art collectors will always find works made by professional artists in Romania. An online art gallery containing works of art from painting, sculpture, decorative Art, graphics up to icons or jewelry.
Artmarket Gallery was born from the desire to bring together the passionate public of art and artists, in a virtual space, in which they can promote and sell their works.
Artmarket Gallery will also present the trends of the art market in Romania and abroad, reflected in articles that will be taken from prestigious publications, as well as from specialized information platforms. We will present exhibitions and events under the auspices of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania, organized by the branches in Bucharest and by the territorial ones.
We hope that this convergence between artists and the public will take place under the best auspices.
The administrative team of the Artmarket Gallery


  • Expoziția de artă contemporană “Geometrii” News

    Contemporary art exhibition "Geometries"

    The Râmnicu Vâlcea branch of the Romanian UAP brings to the attention of art lovers the opening on 12 June 2020, the hour 17:00, of the exhibition ,,GEOMETRY ", which will take place in the Cozia Pasaj Galleries 1 and 2. An exhibition that brings together fish 30 of artists around a theme extremely rich in implications and meanings… As is well known, geometry underlies the analysis of visual perception and, alike, of artistic representation. This brings the relationship between vision and representation closer to the condition of the artist than that of the scientist, both contributing to the enrichment of the human experience of the perception of reality.

  • arta in vremea crizei

    Art is a luxury during the crisis? What we need to know about the importance of supporting art

    What role do artists and artists play during the crisis? For many, the question itself may seem rhetorical. Americans, like the whole world anyway, it focuses its energies and directs its resources on surviving a global pandemic. As

  • Galeriile de artă se mută în online. Colecționarii dau și 30.000 de euro cu un singur click News

    Art galleries are moving online. Collectors also give 30.000 euros with a single click

    Art galleries are moving into the online environment bringing many benefits to both artists and art lovers.. The new virtual art galleries facilitate the connection between the artist and the buyer, between artist and curator, between artist and collector. Online art galleries provide a digital platform showcasing the works of well-listed artists in the art market and their works can be purchased in record time at the touch of a button..